27 Aug Rough start to the week? IBM’s latest patent for coffee delivery drones could have you covered.

Symptomatic perhaps of a global ‘Rise and Grind’ attitude is a newfound but sincerely close relationship with coffee – a life source for the overworked and under-rested, for better or worse, coffee is here to stay, a firm fixture in our every day lives, product of an industry which continues to grow in meeting our demand, and now; in this brave new increasingly stimulating world – we have ‘coffee delivery drones’ which may be able to anticipate when we need a cup of coffee and bring it to us made exactly how we like.

Late last week it was reported that IBM has filed a patent titled ‘Drone delivery of coffee based on a cognitive state of an individual’ an innovative way of combing AI and the biometric readings of individuals to deliver cups of coffee as needed in accordance with the technology’s estimate using blood pressure, pupil dilation, expression and gesture readings.

The internet lit up in a fascination with the patent and whether or not it was a publicity stunt or a clear sign that we are living in a dystopian nightmare where we need automated dosages of caffeine stimulant to sustain ourselves, as of the time of writing this article, IBM has yet to release any statement on it’s plans to effect the patent leaving people puzzled and asking questions of online communities as to whether or not the idea of drones zipping overhead with plastic bags of hot beverages is genius or possibly dangerous. The news has also rattled some corners of the internet who are intent on reminding us that the action of delivering coffee by drone has already been demonstrated successfully in the recent past by companies other than IBM, but, of course, that was without all of the biometric readings…

Check out the patent in full here and let us know your take on the news!