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Olivier Barloy

CEO of Acumass

Mr. Barloy, an engineer; has managed the Acumass Group for more than 20 years now having stepped in to the role from one of our shareholding firms in which he invested ten years of his service. Mr.Barloy is a native French speaker fluent in English and Swedish.


Ghislaine Courtot

COO of Acumass

Mrs. Courtot has been a member of the Acumass team since 1981 and has worked within this company for over 30 years now encouraging our growth through her solid industry expertise.


Peder Carlborn

VP International Operations / Deputy CEO

Mr. Carlborn has a Master’s degree in Law and 30 years of experience from leading positions working with international administrative payment services. He is responsible for the company’s international expansion and our foreign subsidiaries. Mr. Carlborn is a native Swedish speaker fluent in English and French.


Sylvie Destenave

Head of the Trademark Department/Renewals

Mrs. Destenave is a trained lawyer who specialises in Trademarks and Domains.


Sean Manley

New Business Development

A seasoned sales professional with 11 years of solid experience, Sean brings us a unique perspective to the US operations.


Jérémie Ferrières

Head of Outsourcing Solutions

Prior to assuming his position as Head of Outsourcing Solutions in 2013, Ferrières had worked for our affiliated companies for over a decade – Ferrières brings a vast amount of valuable experience to his role.