Acumass was founded in 1981 as the result of a combined effort from a collective of European IP law firms who shared the same goal of ensuring the payment of patent annuities and trademark renewals in foreign countries at a reduced cost through the volume effect.

What started as a successfully functioning renewals management operation based in Paris serving mainly European clients has now become a global operation with additional offices in Sweden, Beijing and most recently; San Francisco.


The maintenance of intellectual property portfolio renewals costs holders a lot, both financially and time-wise, these expenses are needless when services such as those provided by Acumass exist. Clients of Acumass hand over the responsibility of renewals maintenance to professionals who tailor an individual reminder and payment system which means no fees ever go unpaid for, no cases are ever dropped and no thought with regards to the upkeep of renewal payments ever has to weight on the mind of a portfolio holder again – simply put, Acumass offer a service which makes life that little bit easier.


Acumass currently monitors a very large volume of dense Industrial Property rights portfolios and carries out the payments of patent annuities and trademark renewals on behalf of clients on a global scale with a local agent in every single country .In addition, we also offer a complete outsourcing solution to companies who don’t find a value in having/training their own in-house IP management team.Whatever your needs when it comes to creating a system which allows you to enjoy the relief and peace of mind in knowing your renewal payments and IP statuses are being monitored and taken care of – is something Acumass is here to assist you in discovering and implementing.


35 years ago Acumass was established as a renewals management company focused on providing quality service at a cost effective rate; these focuses remain the same today.


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Cabinet Beau de Loménie 
Cabinet Lavoix 
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Casalonga & associés
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Cabinet Laurent & Charras 
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Watson & Band