Professional maintenance of intellectual property renewal payments.

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Professional maintenance

of intellectual property

renewal payments.

About Acumass

Here at Acumass, we recognise our clients as individuals. We create solutions which take the pain out of renewals because we believe ours should be a simple relationship; we focus on our profession so that you can focus on yours.

With over 35 years of experience behind us, you as our client, benefit from that wealth of knowledge – We have spent decades achieving strong relationships with trusted and loyal local agents the world over and thanks to this carefully created network we can offer you complete confidence in a cost effective service with an impeccable track record.

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    The importance of intellectual property maintenance

    When clients choose Acumass as their service provider, the relationship begins with establishing a system that will best meet the client’s needs. Through smart reports, tailored communications and unique reminder/payment alerts; Acumass assumes responsibility for the monitoring and payments of your renewals on your behalf.

    Most of our current clients are firms or companies who don’t have the time to focus on renewals in an effective way – simply put, Acumass offers a service which makes life that bit easier.

    Renewal Services

    As a result of continuous activism in streamlining our routines and procedures over the years to boost productivity, we have managed to develop an innovative software system that allows us to offer real value, transparency and security to our clients.

    Patent, Trademark and Design renewal payments

    Full outsourcing solutions available for firms, companies and individual portfolio holders.

    Instant Access

    Online access to your complete patent portfolio, including all relevant documents in digital format.

    Smart Reminders

    Periodical reminders sent ahead of renewal deadlines (e.g. 4 months ahead of payment deadline)

    Global Network of Local Agents

    Patent renewal fees paid directly to relevant Patent Offices with very few exceptions.

    Personalised Reports

    Report documents can be designed to fall in line with client’s preferred formats/layouts so that the information which is of most important is instantly identifiable.

    Personal Service

    Attentive and responsive client services, real support from accessible team members.


    Rapidomaine has been webhosting and managing domain names for the past 14 years; offering a more affordable, user-friendly service than competitors in the same industry.

    Increased Profitability

    Outsourcing IP renewal management is a more cost effective way to ensure the upkeep of your renewal payments, freeing up time for clients who outsource, as well as cutting down on expenses such as those involved when it comes to hiring and training an in-house team.

    Payment Control

    Clients can choose whether or not they would like us to make automatic payments on their behalf or if they would prefer to make ‘after instruction’ payments following due-date reminders instead.

    Full Outsourcing of Patent and Trademark Renewals

    For IP law firms no longer wishing to manage their patent annuities and trademark renewals, we offer full outsourcing services. Thanks to our personal in-house developed software, we are immensely flexible in catering to almost any kind of set up to suit a client’s individual needs.

    If you are interested in knowing how much you stand to save on outsourcing your renewal payment maintenance, we would be delighted to assist you with a quote – Contact one of our specialists now:


    The validation of a European Patent is often an expensive affaire with multiple agents involved in many different countries. Thanks to a network of well proven carefully selected local agents, Acumass can take care of your validations in an easy and cost effective way.

    Within 48 hours, we can provide you with a detailed quote based on the official documents to be translated.

    Our sister company, OrdiPat, was founded in 1978 in order to manage everything surrounding data processing and IT – Providing comprehensive Domain Name Management, Software Editing and Data Operations such as Security Strategies, Back-ups, Servers and IT Maintenance.

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