Mastercard selfie pay

24 Feb MasterCard to allow you to pay with selfies

As part of an ongoing effort on behalf of banking societies to combat credit card fraud, new security features (which can better protect our online transactions) are constantly being established –  we have the traditional password, fingerprint, secret questions and voice recognition but now MasterCard is rolling out it’s new ‘Selfie Pay’ feature, an app which scans over the biometric data of user facial images and/or fingerprints.

Ajay Bhalla, President of Enterprise Security Solutions at MasterCard confidently predicts that this technology will be ubiquitous in five years time with major banks in the U.K, Canada, the U.S and parts of Europe already preparing to roll out this technology in the coming months.

‘Selfie Pay’ works by prompting the user to take a selfie during which time they’ll blink so as to verify the action as being a real time selfie as opposed to simply scanning a static image which could be exploited for identity theft. Interestingly, MasterCard has plans to expand upon it’s attempt to leave the humble password behind – according to reports, MasterCard is also working on the idea of iris scans and heartbeat as identity verification too.