20 Jun Cortechs – The Start-up using brainwaves and gameplay to improve focus in kids with attention deficit

Zip and The Misty Mountain – a game available on Android and iOS employs a Nurosky Mindwave (brainwave-sensing) headset which collects brainwave data using advanced algorithms, the game directly targets children between the ages of 6-12 but this particular health-tech has the potential to go on and be applied in a valuable way in targetting all ages.

“Brainwaves are detected by Bluetooth using the headset and sent into the backend of our Zip game.

“Our Zip game motivates the child to be attentive and the child responds in real-time, to reward the child for focus, filling the focus meter means they get special soaring powers.

“To finish each level, Zip must fill his focus meter and clear the mist to wake the sleeping monks. Long-term outcomes can be permanent because the child is learning to regulate their attention. Parents receive digestible and actionable feedback on what their child has learned and the improved attention behaviours observed.” – CEO Áine Behan

Driven by the belief that there are more effective ways to support people with attention deficit difficulties than prescription pills, Cortechs CEO is quoted as saying:

“At Cortechs, we don’t want people taking pills when they don’t need to; we believe they should always be the last form of intervention for managing social skills, coping strategies and regulating attention,”

Learn more about Cortechs here.