20 jan Top 5 Apps for boosting productivity | January 2016

We’re halfway through the first month of the new year already, and for some of us; the holidays may already have begun to feel like a distant memory. Staying organised sustains motivation and giving yourself the time necessary to enjoy your work instead of feeling as though you’re overwhelmed by it; is key. Here at Acumass we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 apps which have been helping us tackle the new year slump and boost productivity.

Asana – Asana simplifies team tasking, pulling everybody into line through clear task delegation and task completion updates. Email communication regarding the workflow of a team can quickly become messy, leaving room for missed messages and miscommunication. Asana makes sure everybody is on the same page at all times, better yet, Asana is free to use for teams of 15 people or less – Asana, through a clear and customisable dashboard design, centralises the progress and tasking of your project in the one area so that team members can see exactly what it is they have to do, what their team mates are working on, what has already been accomplished and what is left of the project to complete.

Evernote -Evernote is the mother of all digital note taking, by creating notebooks in relation to any/every topic; you suddenly have a rich history of all thoughts and actions with regards to tasks/projects/ideas, these notebooks become invaluable in boosting productivity. Upload images, write notes, attach files, create to-do lists and share notebooks with collaborators!

Evernote Scannable – Enhance Evernote with Evernote Scannable – a robust scanner to create contact out of business cards, track receipts, organise documents and assist you with going paperless.

Dashlane – Dashlane may be the password manager to end all password managers, the premise of the idea is simple, you should have a different password for every single one of the ever increasing lists of online accounts you hold, each of those passwords should be strong and each of those passwords should be changed regularly to avoid being compromised, that all sounds like a lot of work, and it is; that’s why we’re grateful for Dashlane. Dashlane comes with a host of security features which lend themselves to eliminating the anxieties involved in managing a life online, security breach alerts, secure digital wallet for online payments, receipt tracking, AES-256 encryption protection, auto-lock with inactivity means losing your device or having it stolen means you’re still completely protected, Emergency Contact features in the event of your death means persons chosen by you can access passwords and read only notes after your specified waiting period (of 24 hours to 60 days).

Waze – As far as satnav apps go, Waze would be a difficult one to beat. This free app is a community based navigation system which supplies real time road updates from fellow users in your area, road blockages, accidents, free flowing traffic etc – voice guided navigation based off of the information pouring in from road users all around you can help you get from point A to point B without having to drive unknowingly into any sticky situations/traffic jams, thanks to automatic rerouting. Waze comes with a whole host of helpful features which make it an excellent tool for drivers – find the cheapest fuel near you or add friends and keep people you’re meeting with updated on your expected time of arrival